I am an X-Photographer Now

This camera on the above photo made me an X-Photographer.

No it did not make me quit photography. It made me part of the community of Fujifilm X-Photographers.An  X-Photographer is the one who makes very Good pictures and uses X-Series Fuji cameras.

When i first  saw the the x100(first model of the series) i was tottally amazed. It was back in March 2011 at  the Greek Photovision. One month after it’s official launch. I remember the presentation of the camera  as fujifilm presented GFX   at Photokina this year. Behind the glass and do not touch. You could barelly see it because of the crowd around it.

My mind was stuck there  for several hours and then i forgot it.Erased it. Because human mind sometimes has the ability to forget. To forget  what it cannot have as a matter of self protection i suppose .

Fast forward 3 years later i saw this camera (x100s) at the hands of some photographers i follow online and then mind remembered again.


I saw pictures made with this camera which blown my mind. This made me think i have to figure out my self what this beautiful small beast can do. So i had to find a way to get this camera on my hands and start making picture with this ASAP.

And that is what i did. And when i got it in my hands i immediately started thinking of a project. Not in way of a specific theme but mostly in a way of challenge.

And here comes the idea behind the challenge. A very small camera with big capabilities. Easy to carry and travel with and also not making so much “noise” when it is around. What to do? challenge your self to go and shoot whatever occurs as an assignment or personal project.

I considered the limitation as a double one. first i had to rely on this camera 100% in order to make the job done .
second and also very important was the limitations to my self.  Specific focal length and limitations in composition. I consider these  limitations  as positive because at the end they really help  improve photography in terms of composition  and framing
The limitation had to do with the camera and not with lighting gear etc. But the scope was and is to try to travel as light as possible.I could use whatever light source  available

So fast forward on today  my #x100sChallenge as i call it  has a good variety of pictures to showcase. from portraits to street photos and landscapes and many more. I also did some action photos and the result is making me happy and wanting to try more.

 my #x100sChallenge   has a good variety of pictures to showcase. I post them on my Instagram account

The only downside i have to point is the autofocus of the camera. It needs enough light in order to be able to focus. Especially when you are in situations in which you want to kill the ambient light and work with flashes. But when you know it you get used to it and you are more careful on that.


the conclusion is that yes the challenge succeeded  with very good results  . This is a camera i carry all the time on my neck the last couple of years. Lately i find myself very often on documentary filmings where most of the time there is no flexibility of time on going to grab a camera and make a BTS shot. But the x100s is always on my neck and makes the picture. And yes it made me an X-Photographer. Is this important enough. Ask the other X-Photographers

Update: Do i have to upgrade to an X100F? Maybe because it has a newer sensor and better autofocus. I for sure think about the XT2 because i find that it is an all in one camera. good image quality and also good video.i will write more about this as soon as my decision be reality!

thoughts and comments  are welcomed !!



  1. Angelo Ube January 30, 2017 at 08:26 #

    Hi Good Afternoon.. saw your post in Fuji X Photographer. Just wanna ask.. How did you become a Fuji X Photographer? How did Fuji discovered your work?

    • THOMAS KARANIKAS January 31, 2017 at 13:44 #

      a powerful portfolio made with X-series cameras is the 1st tip and then i think you can contact fujifilm in your country and let them know that you are interested to apply for X- photographers Gallery. I am not sure if the policy is tha same for all the countries. maybe somebody else knows more

  2. John Grubb January 30, 2017 at 04:49 #

    I just upgraded my X-Pro1 to the X-Pro2 a few months ago and do love the improvements but I also have an X100s and find myself with the same question. The new sensor and focusing + wifi and the new film simulations are great on the X-Pro2 and are carried over to the X100F but to be honest, I loved the results I got with the X100s since getting it and have to ask myself, ‘why would I stop loving the results just because this new model is available?’ The answer is it’s purely in my head. That desire for what is newer and better. I think I’ll just continue with the X100s until it doesn’t function anymore then replace it with whatever is current then.

    • THOMAS KARANIKAS January 30, 2017 at 08:06 #

      As a professional i make my choise according to what are the upcoming assigments. If i sign for a job which needs new equipment i make sure that the equipment can be covered by the budget. I cannot invest in something that has to be on my bills for a long time. In the case of X100 series for the moment i am more than ok with the S. I do not own the tele and wide converter and that is something i consider as my next step. I think that if i buy these two converters i then can do almost everything with this camera and a couple of small flashes.

      The trial policy of fuji for the new models is very good. At least in my country. If they know you and trust you, you can borrow the model of your choise in order to try it. This is the step i will take if i see that an upcoming assigment is rising.

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