Why is everybody in a hurry for the new fujifilm models? GFX & X100F

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i started following  facebook groups of  fujifilm new models lately(GFX & X100F) in order to get feedback about these cameras.

During the last month i come across posts which include complains about errors and misfuctions etc. “this camera gives me an error on sd card” “just received my camera and the lcd is not working” “i can’t seem to get the autofocus correct” “etc etc”.

And i am wondering. Are you all in a hurry and the assigment is waiting for your new camera to arrive in order to start? Did all your preowned cameras stop working? Or Is this a sign of a great success of the marketing that is being developed the previous months?

I totally understand the need  and entusiasm of getting your hands in a brand new camera. But it is very well known that whenever a new model comes out; it needs some months to get rid of bugs and errors and misfunctions.

What is a good way to avoid all these problems?

Be patient. Let the time pass and show what are the issues the new camera model has and the company will go and fix them one by one. Then you will be able to decide if the specific model is ok for you. Because there will also be many gear reviews from bloggers and youtubers available at the time. And the ones  who respect their self they make honest reviews. because what they do they do it for the audience and not that brand which paid them.

the previous month i wrote my thoughts about my x100s which helped me produce many projects the last couple of years and i was wondering if it is a must to upgrade to X100F. You can read the post here.

technology is good and it is running very quickly. In no way i do not believe that we have to follow the flow  because we are in danger to get drowned into infinity.

I really would like to test what this GFX beast can do and i already have a project in my mind which i would like to shoot it with this camera. But in no way i am going to buy this camera before i am sure about. At least i am going to rent it first in order to see if it fits my style of photography. And yes i would like to upgrade in the future to the greater sensor X100F has to offer. But i love my X100S!

Any  thoughts ?


  1. Zsolt Szabo March 1, 2017 at 20:16 #

    I think the same! I have an X100s too, no problem with it, I love very much this camera. The X100F is very likely a better one, but considering the most important specific feature, its IQ, the difference seems to be minimal. There is no serious cause to hurry for immediate changing. I agree with you, better is to wait until the new model will be without any children’s disease or wait for the next more maturated model.

    • THOMAS KARANIKAS March 2, 2017 at 06:59 #

      That is exactly my point Zsolt. It is better to wait a while. Because if errors are software related it is ok. They can be fixed with some firmware update. If They are hardware related the think becomes more tricky.
      Anyway my X100S is also my favorite camera and i Believe that F is Also very good . I would like to have the opportunity to test and compare the two models. For the moment it is better to think of some project creation than technical staff


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