Dji Inspire 2 is here

The DJi company just anounced the new and more capable Drone for filmmaking the Dji Inspire 2. More functions better camera options and better performance in safety and speed.

dji inspire 2

New specs

The aircraft of inspire 2 was redesigned for better performance stability and safety including a dual battery function. Obstacle sensors added in order to avoid crashes also in sport modes

a dedicated fpv  camera on the dji inspire 2  gives the pilot a personal live view and makes one man  operation easier also in complex shots. It can reach the speed of 108 km/h .

Dji also released a short film shot entirely with dji inspire 2 . that proves  the new drone is not only for aerial shots but also as replacer of stedycams and hand held gimbals


Camera options for Inspire 2 are  the X4s and The X5s. Some of the cameras specs are 5,2 k in 30fps /4k at 60fps  cinema DNG and apple prores

I really think that this is one of the best options for serious cinematography.  It may be the tool you need for all shots you need to make a film. What we do not know yet is if there is compatibility with previous versions of cameras which is critical for the owners of them.

the anouncment of today was double because the Pro version of Phantom 4 is out. New bigger  camera sensor with the size of 1 inch and 20 mpixel. More obstacle sensors make the flight more safe. The new phantom can fly up to 30 minutes.

For the moment i have only tested and used the Phantom 4 but i think that inspire platform is for serious productions but you can also have good results with Phantoms. Mavic though is something that fits on my jackets pocket and that is something to consider. It is like my fuji x100s which i carry everywhere

more details here

more thoughts in the near future …



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