Beekeeping is something well known to me.  There are more or less 100 beehives in my familys farm. It needs time patiense and knowledge in order to take care of the bees and harvest the honey once per year.

the harvest is once per year because my family does not migrate the beehives in  places with diferrent altitudes and season variations. The bees stay always at the same place. A place which is away from mass agiculture and chemicals. That is the reason which  makes this honey totally organic.

There is always  a challenge  for me to make nice pictures of  beekeeping. It becomes  dificult to photograph  because the specian hat with net don’t alllow you to have a good contact with the view finder of the camera. Also the heat goes up and the body starts complaining. So if the beekeeper is patient and also the photographer then there is a good  result.

Here is a picture made recently and also a small  bts timelapse  video. Phottix supported by providing lighting equipment



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